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Established in the United States in 1969, The Phoenix Company of Chicago, Inc. is a global supplier of RF/Microwave connector and cable assembly products serving aerospace, medical, military, and test & instrumentation markets.

Our core competency includes microwave blindmate contacts, connectors, and cable assemblies supported by global manufacturing in the United States and China.

Palco Connector, Inc. is the RF and Microwave affiliate of the Phoenix Company of Chicago. Located in Naugatuck, CT, Palco Connector maintains an extensive, vertically integrated manufacturing facility supported by a full design engineering department.

To meet the needs of rapidly growing global markets, Shanghai Phoenix Communication and Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2003 in Shanghai, P.R. China to manufacture blindmate connectors, coax connectors, and cable assemblies.

These capabilities have grown to include environmental, high frequency, and power connector products.



Phoenix’s Core Strengths:

Blindmate RF/Microwave Contacts

Multiport RF/Microwave Connector Housings

RF/Microwave Cable Assemblies

Non-Magnetic Connectors and Contacts