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Non-Magnetic RF Solutions for Advanced and Emerging Applications

MRI Medical

RF technology is a central part of an MRI system, and the Phoenix product line of non-magnetic RF connectors help our customers elevate clinical performance and expand diagnostic opportunities. From individual RF connectors to higher density multi-port housings, Phoenix offers a non-magnetic RF solution for advanced and emerging applications. Our vertical integration and proximity to North America allows Phoenix to partner with customers to develop RF connector solutions which help to deliver images of the highest quality.

Non-Magnetic D-Subminiature Connectors

Serving the MRI market for over 30 years, Phoenix’s comprehensive line of Non-Magnetic D-Subminiature Combination Connectors incorporate advanced coax, high power, and signal functions into one, space-saving housing. Custom designs can be engineered for your specific medical application to include unique RF cable types, special RF and power contact configurations or mounting hardware. All products meet strict quality standards to help our customers reliably connect advanced technology to the patient.

Non-Magnetic RF Connectors

Phoenix’s Non-Magnetic RF Coaxial Connectors provide the necessary immunity to ensure patients’ scans are not compromised by outside magnetic distortions. Non-Magnetic SMA and SMC series provide a secure threaded coupling and SMB, MCX, and MMCX offer the convenience of a quick-connect snap-on mating. Available in standard coax cable types, these connectors can also be designed to accommodate custom cables and configurations.

Non-Magnetic RF and Power Contacts

Phoenix Non-Magnetic coaxial contact families span applications from low frequency RF to higher microwave frequencies for all standard coax cables. Non-Magnetic Power contacts are available in 10, 20, and 40-amp designs. All RF and Power contacts are manufactured in straight and right-angle configurations for printed-circuit and cable mount designs. Our US applications team can assist with special contact configurations or unique cable requirements.

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