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Cryogenic Cable Assemblies

A Proven Path to Increased RF Density


The Phoenix Company’s low temperature PkZ® contacts and Cable Assemblies are well-suited for a wide range of cold applications within the Cryogenic market, including Quantum Computing, Ultra-Low Temperature Physics and Engineering, Cryogenic MRI, and General Low Temperature Research. The PkZ provides a proven path to cryostat customization and Dilution Refrigeration system upgrades through increased density, and blindmate precision. For standard density applications, Phoenix offers specially designed SMA cable assemblies to deliver superior performance.

The PkZ System for Dilution Refrigerators

The PkZ system is a complete drop-in upgrade to RF interconnect sets in existing Dilution Refrigerators, designed to increase cable density and simplify connections. The system begins with external microwave cables entering through a stainless steel hermetic header. At each plate, thermally anchored housings contain constant impedance PkZ contacts with optional embedded attenuation. Semi-rigid CuNi cables transmit the RF signals to the processor board connecting to vertical-mounting PkZ contacts. Cable management includes proper thermalization and organization of all cables. Designed for mass-interconnection to replace thread-on SMA connectors and attenuators, the PkZ System fits existing Dilution Refrigerator ports and contains up to 64 RF lines. This effectively doubles the number provided by SMA installations while simplifying mating of all 64 lines with one plug-in operation.

Cryostat Upgrades

The PkZ system is also used to upgrade smaller cryostat systems through custom configurations and solutions. Often these involve standard PkZ contacts and cable types in an arrangement of smaller custom housings to maximize the density of RF lines. From a custom hermetic plate through the entire cryostat, the PkZ system can adapt to your individual needs.

SMA Cable Assemblies

The Phoenix Company specializes in custom low temperature microwave cable assembly solutions based on our carefully designed, low temperature SMA connectors. These unique, non-magnetic SMAs come pre-cabled on CuNi semi-rigid coaxial cable rated for cryogenic environments. All SMA cable assemblies are designed and manufactured for reliable performance over repeated thermal cycles.

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