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Leading Blindmate Microwave Contact Technology

Constant Impedance, Consistent Performance


PkZ® Microwave Contacts

Blindmate Microwave PkZ Contacts, Size-8, Size-12, and Size-16, 50 and 75 Ohm, 3 – 50 GHz

PkZ® Connector Housings

Connector Housings for PkZ Contacts: Size-8 RF D-Subs, Size-16 PRC, and Custom Applications

PkZ® Adapters and Terminations

Between Series Size-8, Size-12, and Size-16 PkZ Adapters and PkZ Termination Contacts

Quantum Computing Products

Semi-Custom and Custom Connector and Cable Solutions for Cold Temperature Applications including the HDQ Connection System

Cable Assemblies

PkZ Cable Assemblies and Non-Magnetic Cable Assemblies, Made to Order with Your Choice of Cables

Non-Magnetic Connectors and Contacts

Connectors and Contacts for Sensitive Medical and Cold Temperature Applications

Low Frequency RF and Power Contacts

RF and Power Contacts for D-Subminiature Connector Housings

Tools and Accessories

Contact Extraction, Stabilizing Ring Insertion, and other PkZ and PDM Tools and Accessories

Why Choose PkZ Products?

The PkZ Microwave contact maintains constant impedance over the industry’s widest axial mating tolerance, allowing the design to overcome typical system tolerance stack-up that disrupts standard contact performance.


Continuous High Performance Whether Fully or Partially Mated!

Impedance changes in a standard SMPM coaxial connector interface as a gap is introduced due to expected mating tolerances.

The unique PkZ design provides constant impedance even as gaps are introduced in the mating interface.

Markets & Applications

test measurement iconTest & Measurement
Military tank iconMilitary Ground Systems
Aerospace iconMilitary Aerospace
Airplane iconCommercial Aerospace
MRI iconMRI Medical

Test & Measurement

Engineered to emphasize reliability, durability, and high-mating cycle performance in Test and Measurement equipment, The Phoenix Company has been manufacturing market-leading RF/Microwave blindmate contact solutions for over 50 years.

The generous axial mating tolerances among the PkZ family of RF/Microwave blindmate contacts makes these the contact of choice for Test and Measurement applications. Select from an extensive variety of sizes, frequencies, impedances, housings, and cables to enhance the performance and reliability of your test equipment.

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The Phoenix Company’s low temperature PkZ contacts and Cable Assemblies are well-suited for a wide range of cold applications within the Cryogenic market, including: Quantum Computing, Ultra-Low Temperature Physics and Engineering, Cryogenic MRI, and General Low Temperature Research.

The PkZ provides a proven path to cryostat customization and Dilution Refrigeration system upgrades through increased density, and blindmate precision. For standard density applications, Phoenix offers specially designed SMA cable assemblies to deliver superior performance.

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Military Ground Systems

Providing reliable connections to Military Ground Systems for over 30 years, the PkZ family of blindmate microwave contacts play a key role in helping our customers deliver a decisive edge on the battlefields of today and tomorrow.

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Military Aerospace

Providing reliable connections to the Military Aerospace market for over 30 years, the PkZ family of blindmate microwave contacts play a key role in Airborne Electronic Warfare systems. Each PkZ contact utilizes constant impedance technology to provide up to .110” of axial mating tolerance in a low insertion force design without the use of mating springs. Size-8, size-12, or size-16 contacts are available for standard housings such as: ARINC 600, MIL-DTL-38999, Mighty Mouse, and LRM.

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Commercial Aerospace

From communication and connectivity to radar and video transmission, Phoenix is the leader in constant impedance and blindmate technology across the range of Commercial Aerospace applications.

Phoenix PkZ contacts offer a broad spectrum of performance from RF to 40 GHz and from low loss to .047 high performance cables. Select from size-8, size-12, or size-16 contacts for standard housings such as: ARINC 600, MIL-DTL-38999, Mighty Mouse, and LRM. For unique requirements, Phoenix can develop a custom housing to suit your specific needs.

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MRI Medical

RF technology is a central part of an MRI system, and the Phoenix product line of non-magnetic RF connectors help our customers elevate clinical performance and expand diagnostic opportunities. From individual RF connectors to higher density multi-port housings, Phoenix offers a non-magnetic RF solution for advanced and emerging applications. Our vertical integration and proximity to North America allows Phoenix to partner with customers to develop RF connector solutions which help to deliver images of the highest quality.

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