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Advancing RF Density with the Quantum-Proven PkZ

Quantum Computing Products

Quantum computing is a rapidly evolving science with the potential to lead to breakthroughs in diverse applications and industries. Phoenix supports Quantum Computing customers through increased density of microwave cables and attenuators along with a growing level of solutions for bringing signals onto the quantum processor board.

High Density Modular Connections for Dilution Refrigerators

A quick-connect system for cryogenic-based Quantum Computing applications is available featuring our patented non-magnetic PkZ® connection technology. This system replaces existing RF connectors and cables with a higher density of connections from external microwave cables through the hermetic header into each level of the dilution refrigerator down to the Quantum processor.

The heart of this system is the blindmate constant impedance PkZ contact. Designed with optional embedded attenuation for mass-interconnection, the system replaces thread-on SMA connectors and attenuators. The PkZ housings fit existing dilution refrigerators with up to 64 RF lines per port while simplifying mating of all 64 lines with one plug-in operation.

The Phoenix Company’s Quantum Computing-focused designs are highly adaptable and can be modified to suit various cable types and Dilution Refrigerator requirements. Our vertical integration and proximity to North American customers allows Phoenix to partner with customers to develop unique cryogenic connector solutions.

Quantum Processor Board Connections

The small size of the PkZ constant impedance contact is ideally suited to connect a high density of microwave lines to the quantum processor board. Available in standard and custom vertical mount designs, the PkZ was created specifically for ganged-mating applications. Its generous axial mating tolerance provides constant impedance, overcoming tolerance stack-ups that disrupt standard connector performance. The Quantum-proven PkZ is available in standard and custom cable types.

SMA Cables

The Phoenix Company specializes in custom Low Temperature Microwave Cable Assembly solutions based on our carefully designed, low temperature SMA connectors. These unique, non-magnetic SMAs come pre-cabled on CuNi semi-rigid coaxial cable rated for cryogenic environments. All SMA cable assemblies are designed and manufactured for reliable performance over repeated thermal cycles.