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The Ideal RF Interconnect Solution for Test and Measurement Applications

Test & Measurement

Engineered to emphasize reliability, durability, and high-mating cycle performance in Test and Measurement equipment, The Phoenix Company has been manufacturing market leading RF/Microwave blindmate contact solutions for over 50 years.

The generous axial mating tolerances among the PkZ® family of RF/Microwave blindmate contacts makes these the contact of choice for Test and Measurement applications. Select from an extensive variety of sizes, frequencies, impedances, housings, and cables to enhance the performance and reliability of your test equipment.

Our interconnect and cable solutions are built with extremely tight quality control only achievable with precision manufacturing processes and testing capabilities. Your test and measurement equipment requires reliable, rugged, innovation; PkZ high frequency blindmate contacts are the ideal solution.

Test & Measurement Cable Assemblies

Phoenix’s PkZ cable assembly solutions support next generation performance and reliability for a wide range of test equipment connections. Our expertise in high performance and reliability ensures the proper design and selection of components is achieved to meet demanding application requirements.

Custom Engineering and Application Specific Designs

Phoenix’s innovative engineering resources have developed many custom contacts, housings, and cable assemblies made specifically for Test and Measurement systems. Phoenix is committed to providing its customers with full engineering design services to support their unique specifications. We also support applications to adapt our PkZ blindmate contacts into our customer’s custom housings.

  • Flexible, in-house manufacturing systems efficiently transform designs into products of value
  • High standard of engineering and testing practices
  • Continuously upgrading connector design capabilities to meet customers’ electrical, mechanical, and aesthetic requirements

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