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D-Subminiature Microwave PkZ® Contacts: Leading Blindmate Aerospace Connectivity

The Phoenix Company of Chicago has set a benchmark with its 50 and 75-ohm PkZ microwave contacts designed for the D-subminiature housing, making them an ideal solution for In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) systems, including routers, modems, and modem managers. Thanks to an industry-leading axial mating tolerance, the constant impedance PkZ ensures optimal electrical connections in various applications, including multiport blindmate and mass terminations. Additionally, hermetic versions of these size-8 contacts are available, ensuring their adaptability to a wide range of environmental conditions and application requirements.

D-Sub 50Ω , Size 8 PkZ® Contacts

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D-Sub 75Ω , Size 8 PkZ® Contacts

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