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Connecting the Full Spectrum of EW Technology

D-Subminiature RF and Power Contacts: Cost-Effective 50 Ohm and 75 Ohm Aerospace Connectivity

The Phoenix Company of Chicago offers an extensive selection of D-Subminiature low-frequency RF and power contacts, designed to meet the needs of Military Aerospace applications where both connectivity and cost-effectiveness are paramount. This product range is fully compatible with industry standard contacts, ensuring versatility and reliability across a variety of uses. Additionally, the 16-Series contact family offers a practical solution for 75 Ohm impedance requirements up to 2 GHz, ideal for video transmission. D-Subminiature power contacts are available for wire sizes ranging from 16 AWG to 8 AWG, with current ratings up to 40-Amps.

ARINC Size 8 PkZ® Contacts

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ARINC Size 12 PkZ® Contacts

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ARINC Size 16 PkZ® Contacts

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