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When Performance and Bottom Line are Equally Critical

Low Frequency RF and Power Contacts

Phoenix offers a wide range of low-frequency RF and power contacts which are suitable and cost-effective for applications where connections are critical, and budget is a factor. All products within the low-frequency RF and power contacts family can intermate with their respective industry standard contacts, providing a versatile solution backed by Phoenix’s high level of workmanship, performance, and dedication to quality.

D-Subminiature Contacts
DIN 41612 Contacts

15-Series 50 Ohm RF and Power Contacts

The size-8, 15-Series contact family offers a large selection of configurations and termination styles including solder and crimp. Solderless, all-crimp designs provide excellent field serviceability and custom cable types are easily accommodated by our US-based design and manufacturing location.

D-Subminiature power contacts accommodate wire sizes from 16 AWG to 8 AWG providing current ratings of 10, 20, and 40-Amps. Solder or crimp terminations can also be selected to meet the unique requirements of your application.

16-Series 75 Ohm RF Contacts

The 16-Series contact family provides a practical RF contact solution for video transmission and other applications requiring 75 Ohm impedance to a maximum frequency of 2 GHz. Size-8, 16-Series contacts accommodate combination D-Subminiature connectors.

28-Series 50 Ohm RF Contacts

The size-8, 28-Series of contacts offers RF performance to a frequency of 10 GHz for the DIN 41612 housing. Standard termination styles include solder/crimp and direct solder, with accommodations for a range of common cable groups.

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