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Connect your Contacts with Confidence

PkZ® Contact Housings

PkZ Contacts are available for a variety of housings creating new performance possibilities across trusted commercial and military housing platforms. With patented constant impedance technology, PkZs continue to evolve into higher levels of performance bringing new life to legacy connector housings.

The PkZ contact expands the boundaries of 50-ohm and 75-ohm performance for DIN 41612, LRM, D-Subminiature, MIL-DTL-38999, Mighty Mouse, and ARINC 600 housings with high frequency performance contacts in size-12 and size-16 and low loss performance in size-8 contacts. System performance can easily be upgraded with the PkZ without expensive changes to connector housing schemes or system architecture. The dynamic evolution of the PkZ product line provides a path to future-proof your system while retaining the connector housings you trust.

Size-8, D-Subminiature

D-Subminiature Connector Housings

Bringing value to markets and applications for over 5 decades, Phoenix’s family of D-Subminiature combination connectors continue as a stable and robust platform delivering advanced technology to our customers’ products. As a carrier of multiple modes of signal transmission, the combination D-Subminiature is a proven, versatile connector. Non-Magnetic options are also available and custom designs can be engineered for your specific applications

Standard Size-8 D-Subminiature Housings

Available in 2 through 8-position RF contact arrangements, the standard combination D-Subminiature housing offers a proven connector standard for size-8 PkZ contacts. Select from a wide variety of printed-circuit or cable mount configurations in either 50-ohm impedance to 32 GHz or 75-Ohm impedance to 3 GHz. Covering a wide range of applications, the Phoenix Size-8 D-Subminiature is a proven industry standard.

PRC Housings: High Performance for RF Test & Measurement

The PRC housing provides 53 size-16 PkZ contacts for 50-ohm systems with applications operating to 40 GHz. Designed for front panel connectivity in a single-slot module width, this connector offers the convenience of connecting a large number of microwave signals with one simple connection. Designed specifically for ganged contact mating, the patented PkZ contact overcomes the challenges of axial mating tolerances and delivers exceptional performance across a wide bandwidth.

Custom PkZ Housings

For special applications with unique requirements, The Phoenix Company of Chicago can design and develop fully custom PkZ housings to meet your specifications.

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