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Leading Blindmate Microwave Contact Technology

Constant Impedance, Consistent Performance


PkZ® Microwave Contacts

Blindmate Microwave PkZ Contacts, Size-8, Size-12, and Size-16, 50 and 75 Ohm, 3 – 50 GHz

PkZ® Connector Housings

Connector Housings for PkZ Contacts: Size-8 RF D-Subs, Size-16 PRC, and Custom Applications

PkZ® Adapters and Terminations

Between Series Size-8, Size-12, and Size-16 PkZ Adapters and PkZ Termination Contacts

Quantum Computing Products

Semi-Custom and Custom Connector and Cable Solutions for Cold Temperature Applications including the HDQ Connection System

Cable Assemblies

PkZ Cable Assemblies and Non-Magnetic Cable Assemblies, Made to Order with Your Choice of Cables

Non-Magnetic Connectors and Contacts

Connectors and Contacts for Sensitive Medical and Cold Temperature Applications

Low Frequency RF and Power Contacts

RF and Power Contacts for D-Subminiature Connector Housings

Tools and Accessories

Contact Extraction, Stabilizing Ring Insertion, and other PkZ and PDM Tools and Accessories